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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  September 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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there -- we are ascertaining again that directly. we understand that there had been some court interaction. >> anchor: sources say neighbors heard rose i didn't's young son screaming diddy stop, diddy stop early this morning. they never called 911. we've also been told delray rows rosa took his son to his per's house hen he toll her what happened early this morning. he then took off while she called police. at least they have some leads. you know? that's all you can hope for. >> anchor: police believe della rosa is still somewhere in the area. they have been searching for him all day long but at this hour, they are turning to the public appealing for help here in trying to locate them. district attorney says this is an ongoing and an active investigation. live in methuen tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7, people who worship in new hampshire calling a sudden smash at their mosque an act of hate. there was panic during prayer yesterday when a group threw rocks at the building,
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byron barnett live in nashua, new hampshire to tell us more. byron? well, the suspect are described as three juveniles, two males and one female. and this was really scary for the folks inside this mosque. you look up there and see the bore boarded up window where the rock crashed through. one man was almost hit. >> anchor: the shattered window at the islamic society of greater nashua. around 6:00 sunday evening police say someone hurled three rocks at the nd inside. two of them break the first panel but not coming through and then finally big one i'm a through. >> reporter: and narrowly missed the man sitting inside. someone said they just, it was just passed by their ear. it didn't hi him thank goodness. >> reporter: the president of the mosque says he thinks they were targeted because sunday was the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. everyone who saw it, they
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maybe that's one of the reasons. everybody is thinking the same thing that other people are thinking. because of the 9/11 it could be some hate crime happening here. any time have you an incident like this acombination of a mosque being a tarrest as well as the 15th an verse of september 11 something that would is on anybody's mind that's absolutely something we will look into and there will be pat of the investigation. >> anchor: police say they are collecting surveillance video from nearby businesses in an effort to track down the vandal. devastated for the fact that we pr five times a day. and if it happens then people may be afraid to come here at night. whether it's truly just a juvenile or person committing a random act or if in fact it is maybe something that's realliested at the muslim community that's something we will not tolerate. >> anchor: now it took police two and a half hours to respond after this call came in but nashua police say they had their hands full with other calls
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were more urgent. that's the latest live in nashua new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to your forecast. by, pretty gorgeous day. little cooler, definitely comfortable. temperatures at night will definitely feel fallish too aren't p elet's get details on that. here is jr. this morning luck at norwood down to 40 degrees. bedford at 44. earlier today. worcester 51. that's up at the airport but down in the neighborhood' sure down into the 40's, city of boston this morning 59. right now 60 delightful. low humidity. temperatures will move out of the 70's through the 60's and the air is still dry. dew point temperatures still down into the 40's and 50's and we like to look at those dew point temperatures because it's nature nature's way of kind of revealing her cards for overnight lows because the temperatures never go below those dewpoints. so if the dew point is in the 40's we know temperatures won't be far behind. right now again you manufacture out of new england and it is a little mighter back through pittsburgh and dc. upper 70's, low 80's i point that out because we will start
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cool and crisp, moly clear, evening temperature in the 60's and then overnight lows and early morning temperatures will be in the 40's. the city of boston tomorrow morning 58. nor booed 45. these will be temperatures about 6:30, 7:00 tomorrow morning and then we're off to the racesment warmer tomorrow up near 80 and eventually humidity returns. we're talk more about that in a few minutes. >> anchor: the patriots getting things off on the right foot. fans are relieved to see jim egarappolo fitting in with the offense leading them on se so while the pats needed some last minute luck it's clear the team didn't miss a beat with jimmy g under center. dan hausle live in foxboro for us tonight. dan? well, you know, they always say the quarterback gets too much of the credit and too much of the blame. well, in this case it's credit of course with the big patriot win jimmy garappolo getting the credit but some people asking whether the credit should go to jim egarappolo or to his coach, bill belichick. garrappolo unquestionably had a
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conference call this afternoon saying he had the kind of presence to know when he was getting pressure, know when he had to get rid of the ball almost like a veteran quarterback but people pound out coach belichick gets success in other non-brady games with matt cassell and i asked sperm teams captain who deserves the credit here. who deserve more credit, womeny or bill? i think the credit goes to a lot of different people but obviously it's no they do a good job of preparing guys. that next man up motto has been big around here in my time here and i have seen it time and time again and i have seen it with a couple quarterbacks in my time here but jimmy has been a professional this whole time here and has tried to learn from tom and learn from coach mcdaniels and he put himself in a position to have success last night and i think it was a group effort. >> anchor: and you talked about
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well, coach belichick would argue with you on that. he said if that kick had gone up straight he thought patrick chunk was in a position to get his hand on it. matthew slator said happy we'll never know. live at gillette stayedup, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: a worcester high school player taking a stand by kneeling during the national anthem during his last game. tonight, he says he was almost punished for doing it. jonathan hall live inorser it with the story. >> anchor: kim, this 16-year-old says he sting of racism in his life. so he took a stand by getting on his knees during that national anthem. he took to twitter and he says he is get a whole lot of reaction both in person and on-line. some are calling me a hero. >> anchor: a junior final player at dougherty memorial high school in worcester has become a lightning rod after he took a knee before a game friday night against leominster. his twitter feed blew up, especially after he sent out a message saying his coach
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he took a stand. my coach called me and told me i would be suspended for a game and he is the one that told me to tweet that. it was definite. yeah. >> anchor: the superintendant of school says the coach didn't suspend him. she said he merely suggested that might happen. in any case, he faces no school discipline as somebody might for wearing an offensive slogan on a t-shirt. this was a peaceful demonstration on his part. there was no, and this is key, disare you of public school assembly. there lies. >> reporter: he plays safety for dirty memorial high school says in part he took the lead of colin kaepernick, the 49ers player began taking this step during the national anthem in the preseason. i think it started because of colin kaepernick but it was because of his ideas and his motive that drove me. >> reporter: kaepernick even reeated one of his messages thanking supporters. the teen-ager was back on the
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their touchdown celebration. i support him 100%. i felt like what he did was right standing up for what he believes in. >> anchor: well they lost the game. they play again this friday night. dirty memorial does and opong said he willtic a knee once again during the national anthem. the whole plans some sort of demonstration of unity. live in worcester, jonathan hall 7 news. >> anchor: two chelsea teens in court today after an what are laing a take on a taxi driver. officials say th sunday night and stabbed the driver in the neck. both have been held on bail and are facing a saul charges. the driver was taken to mass general with serious injuries. but is in stable condition. the two teens will return to court next week. >> anchor: boston police are ready to record. 100 officers began wearing body cameras today marking the start of the 6 month long body camera pilot program. when no one volunteered for the program, commissioner evans
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that sparked a legal battle. the judge ruled in favor of the police. several members of the command staff will also be wearing those cameras. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 6:00, a local soldier strategy to surprise his son. the heart warming moment and huh he managed to keep it a secret for so long. >> anchor: plus, big plans for big papi. how the red sox will be to honor david ortiz during his final homestand. >> reporter: investigations you will see on just one station thousands of utility poles leaning and life-threatening, plus your coiled's day care could have a hidden history. i feel like i was completely in the dark. why it is so hard for parents to get answers and medical marijuana is legal in massachusetts. so why is there need for an underground delivery network all month long? exclusive investigations only on
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diddy! >> anchor: diddy is home, that's who. our cameras there for a happy home coming in north andover. we knew but no one else knew the army sergeant was coming home today. >> anchor: that includes his wife, kids about but he did say little help pulling off this sweet surprise. 7's victoria warren has the story. . 7-year-old caden all smiles for
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assembly then he gets asked to hold the flag and then the surprise of a lifetime. i missed you. >> reporter: caden's dad, sergeant jason chin home from kuwait and thought he would plan a quiet surprise so he reached out to the school's principal. i wanted to just five minute in and out of the classroom. i didn't want to disrupt the school or class at all. >> anchor: but after a year of the kids in writing letters back and forth this north andover school wanted something more. we thought it important would to have a whole school aliably and honor sergeant when for his service to our country. seeing his smile after so long it's just overwhelming. what have you been telling everyone? he was coming home soon. but you didn't know today,
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his dad reading a story with his second grade class and leaving h his son and wife to surprise his three-year-old sister. your heart just smiles. it makes you know the sacrifices that military families make, it's all worth it in the long-run. how do you feel right now? happy. >> reporter: this was a sergeant chan's second deployment but the first one since caden and his sister were born. he is not sure how long he will be home beauty license to enjoy every minute of it. in north andover, warren, 7 news. >> anchor: sweet surprise indeed. no other way to put that smiles, the hugs. >> anchor: and just will be a picture perfect day. diddy is home, it's gorgeous outside, jr. >> reporter: fantastic story. thank you for your service and the reward how about more sunshine tomorrow and awaying trend?
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>> anchor: set tore wednesday most of the week is very comfortable cool nights and mild days out ahead of a cool front wednesday evening. some showers, that's when the air turns humid. right now 60's and 70's. the city at 68. bedford 75. down through the south shore the south coast the numbers in the lower 70's. high pressure spent the day with us and it's going to hang around a little bit longer overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow and even into most of wednesday. this here, this is our next weather system that stripe self
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will race out of canada and arrive in new england wednesday evening. this evening red sox get under way at home against the orioles and under an hour or so with temperatures at first pitch in the upper 60's. somewhat cool during the game then it is cool and crisp overnight tonight mostly clear 40's and 50's. these will be the temperatures heading out the front door tomorrow morning during the morning commute about 6:30, 7:00 if you are going out the front door at 8:30 or 9:00 a little warmer at that time but again 6:30, bedford at 46, boston tomorrow more sunshine, a little warmer tomorrow. today in the 70's, tomorrow i think we're near 80 degrees but still comfortable with a southwesterly president around 7 to 13 miles per hour. normal high in boston should be around 74 so again we're warmer than normal tomorrow but again it's more of a dry heat if you will. great at 79. concord at 81 into the worcester hills fitchburg 80, worer it at 78 and out on to the cape and
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clouds in the afternoon, more humid on wednesday out ahead of that cool front. temperatures on wednesday mid 80's. here are the dew point temperatures on wednesday. mid 60's so it's kind of sticky and the cool front shoves the mugginess out of new england but that shoving process will result in a scattering of showers and perhaps a few thunder showers wednesday evening and overnight wednesday night. there goes the front offshore so that by thursday high pressure, another one, shows up and it's got the goods. on tomorrow. mid 80's wednesday. low 70's for thursday, friday morning some of the cold spots might be in the upper 30's with most of us in the 40's. whoa. see you at 7:00. >> anchor: jimmy garappolo playing it cool may his first career start filling in for arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time and getting into hostile territory
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not jimmy g, not last night. garappolo getting it done without rob gronkowski and tackled sebastian vollmer and nate soldier meeting 24 of 34 passes for 264 yards and a score and on third down he was money. 8 of ten for 107 yards and 7 first downs. after the win garappolo down played his contributions but his teammates were happy to pump his tires. jimmy is the best. he is a confident guy. i he has quiet confidence and everybody on this team is confident in him so we just knew if we stuck to our game plan we would have a chance to win it in the end and he made some gutsy plays to help us win. he that's what cool demeanor. so it was dodd to see him come out here and do he has been doing so it's one game, we had a whole bunch of games to go.
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and the next one. >> anchor: patriots could start looking ahead. the second chandler 47 field goal sailed wide left and although they will never say it publicly, this win felt that much sweeter knowing that many fans, media members and odds makers counted them out. we believe in ourselves. i don't look at that stuff i knew people would favor them we were coming to their place and without this guy and this give and whatev comes down when we get to step on the field. we know we have the guys if the locker room to win against any opponent and i think we went out there and showed them. >> anchor: new england is fired up for football but before we get too far ahead ourselves here there was a first place baseball team in town, the red sox starting up their second to last homestand of the year looking to keep rolling coming off a six and three road trip, alex corddry has more from fenway.
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season chases on and the first place red sox are hospitaling the orioles for the next three games. the sox are two games up on baltimore and toronto after taking two of three from the blue jays over the weekend with 20 games left the red sox have all al east teams on the schedule but rick porcello will be the first to tell you the team is not lucking ahead. y put our service in a position to win this thing and right now it's we have to play our best baseball for the next two, t and finish it off. i think everybody realizes where we're at right now and looking at the last four or five or six series of the year, you know, everybody is in it at this point and that's kind of especially since the new wild-card format came out that's kind of how it is this time of year which makes baseball exciting. so everybody that we're playing is in it and it should be fun. >> anchor: on the mound for the red sox is david price who
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he will face former red sox lefty wade millie. at fenway park, alex cordly, 7 sports. luaco came in ride an 11 match goalless drought but breaks out in big way notify a hat rick in the second half. this gorgeous header coming in the second of his two tallies and gets our play of the day. will go through a simulated game tomorrow. the rookie outfielder could rejoin the red sox as early as wednesday. that's sports. >> anchor: joe, thanks. the red sox planning a big celebration for david ortiz before he retires. the team will honor big papi during the last weekend of the regular season during the three game series against toronto at the end of this month. each red sox player will wear a patch on their jerseys and hats in honor of ortiz's 14 year career on the team.
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>> anchor: i guess not. >> anchor: what the patch will lock like. >> anchor: it will be weird it. doesn't el really feel like it's going anywhere. he has sun glasses on. >> anchor: attached to the hat? that would be good. >> anchor: we'll see.
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>> anchor: that is our time here at 6:00 as always thanks for watching. i'm adam williams. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. "nightly news" is next.
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tonight health scare fall-out. after that jarring video of hillary clinton becoming ill, tonight her campaign under fire. why did it take two days to disclose she had pneumonia. aides now admitting mistake, promising more medical records are coming. is it a turning a u.s.-russia mega deal finally stops the bombing. can it last? caught on camera, an arsonist torches a florida mosque. a congregation shaken in a hunt for who set the fire. fatal crash involving a high school football team, once again raising questions about seat belts. and imagine instead of you paying medical costs, at the


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